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PENULIS : Sabrina W. J. Husain, S.Pd., MA

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"Intermediate English Grammar Book" is a comprehensive guide that deepens your understanding of English sentence structure and improves your communication skills. The book consists of five chapters covering key topics in English grammar.
The first chapter deals with phrases, clauses and sentences as the basics of sentence structure. The second chapter delves deeper into noun phrases and noun clauses, essential components for conveying subjects, objects and complements in sentences. Moving on, the third chapter explores adjectival phrases and adjectival clauses, examining how adjectives and their associated structures modify nouns and pronouns to provide detailed descriptions and important information in sentences. In the fourth chapter, our focus turns to adverbial phrases and adverbial clauses, delving into how adverbs and their related constructions modify verbs, adjectives and other adverbs to express manner, time, place, frequency and degree.
Finally, the fifth chapter explores the complexities of verb clauses, including finite and non-finite verb forms, complement patterns, and the use of time. Each chapter comes with explanations, examples, and exercises designed to reinforce student learning and improve your understanding of intermediate English grammar.

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