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PENULIS: Ceisy Nita Wuntu | Muhammad Ilham Ali

Devilito Prasetyo Tatipang


In the world of literature, we are often swept up in the flow of the marvelous, where mesmerizing stories and inspiring characters take us into a world of extraordinary imagination. However, hidden layers, realities that are not always pretty, are hidden beneath the glitter and shattered hopes. In this book, "Shattered Illusions: Exploring Disillusionment in Literature," we invite you to explore this dark side of the literary world.
Disillusionment is a theme that haunts many literary works from classical times to the present day. We find characters trapped in illusions on every page, only to be confronted with a harsh reality. We explore various forms of disillusionment through carefully selected literary works, from tragically ended love to shattered dreams.
From classics such as F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" to contemporary works such as Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never Let Me Go," each work we examine presents a unique perspective on how disillusionment runs rampant in people's lives. Through in-depth analysis, we seek to understand the meaning behind this disillusionment and how it shapes narratives and characters in literary works.
We hope that "Shattered Illusions: Exploring Disillusionment in Literature" can provide a deep insight into this complex theme and inspire readers to re-explore literary works with a new understanding. Enjoy this journey through the dark world hidden behind illusions!

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