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PENULIS: Dr. Olga Rorintulus, M.Hum., MA | Muhammad Ilham Ali, S.S, M.Pd | Devilito Prasetyo Tatipang, M.Pd


This prose analysis textbook summarizes fundamental concepts to advanced techniques for understanding and analyzing prose works. Initially, readers are introduced to the basic structure of prose, including elements such as character development, plot, and setting. This book provides a solid foundation for a deeper understanding of how a narrative is constructed.

Next, the book discusses narrative elements in detail, exploring concepts such as narrative point of view, writing style, and dialogue. Readers are invited to recognize how writers use these techniques to create certain effects in their prose. With a systematic approach, the book helps readers develop finer analytical skills.

To top it off, the book provides examples of analysis on some famous literary works, linking theory with practice. Thus, readers can apply the concepts learned in real situations and hone their prose analysis skills. Overall, this book is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the world of prose analysis and improve their understanding of literary works.

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