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PENULIS: Dr. Ceisy N. Wuntu, M.Hum
Dr. Olga A. Rorintulus, M.A., M.Hum
Devilito P. Tatipang, M.Pd | Yofri Karisi, S.Pd
Leni Kicha, S.Pd | Sulfany Tineh, S.Pd
Agustinus Nai Aki, S.Pd | Geral Pratasik, S.Ag


"The Circle: Ecological Lens on Life's Journey in Literary Exploration" offers a profound exploration of the intricate dynamics among God, Human, and Nature within the framework of literature, specifically through the lens of Ecocriticism. The book is a comprehensive repository of resources that navigate the critical landscape, delving into the relationship between humanity and the natural world. At its essence, the narrative unfolds as an exploration of nature's problems serving as the resonant voice of God, compelling readers to reflect on the consequences of human actions on the environment.
This insightful work ventures beyond the conventional boundaries of ecological discourse, immersing readers in a rich tapestry of literature and critical perspectives. The book meticulously stitches together various critics' analyses, presenting a compelling argument about the interconnectedness of humanity with the divine and the natural order. Through the lens of Ecocriticism, the text elucidates how literature becomes a reflection of the evolving relationship between God, Human, and Nature, portraying the environmental challenges as a call from a higher power to reassess our impact on the planet.
"The Circle: Ecological Lens on Life's Journey in Literary Exploration" is not merely a collection of critiques; it is a narrative that beckons readers to confront the urgent need for environmental introspection and stewardship. Nature is depicted as the voice of God, communicating displeasure and concern in response to the ecological imbalance created by human activities. The book becomes a guide, urging readers to navigate the intricate pathways of self-awareness and accountability. It challenges preconceived notions, encouraging a transformative shift in the human narrative towards a more responsible and sustainable coexistence with the natural world. In essence, the book is a call to action, inspiring readers to recognize their role as custodians of the Earth and to embrace the moral imperative of preserving the delicate harmony between God, Human, and Nature.
In conclusion, "The Circle: Ecological Lens on Life's Journey in Literary Exploration" is a compelling literary journey that transcends the boundaries of traditional ecological discourse. It weaves together the threads of literature, spirituality, and environmental consciousness, presenting a holistic view of humanity's relationship with the natural world. Through the lens of Ecocriticism, the book not only analyzes the critiques of nature but also propels readers towards a deeper understanding of their own ecological footprint. It is a timely exploration that challenges us to listen to the voice of God through the challenges posed by nature and prompts a re-evaluation of our collective responsibility to preserve the sanctity of our planet. "The Circle: Ecological Lens on Life's Journey in Literary Exploration" stands as an invitation to embark on a transformative journey, fostering a renewed sense of connection and responsibility towards the environment that sustains us all.

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