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PENULIS : Ismail, S.Pd., M.Hum. | Dr. Ignatius J. C. Tuerah, SS., M.Pd

HALAMAN : viii,69


"Microteaching in EFL Teaching Programs" is a comprehensive guideline book designed to help aspiring English teachers navigate the challenging yet rewarding process of microteaching. This book provides teacher candidates with the essential knowledge, strategies, and tools they need to excel in their microteaching sessions and develop the skills necessary to become effective English teachers.

The book begins by introducing the concept of microteaching and its importance in teacher education programs. It then guides readers through the process of preparing for microteaching sessions, including understanding learning objectives, developing lesson plans, creating engaging teaching materials, and implementing effective instructional strategies. The book also covers essential topics such as classroom management techniques, formative and summative assessment strategies, and providing constructive feedback to students.

Throughout the book, readers will find practical examples, templates, and reflection questions to help them apply the concepts and strategies to their own microteaching practice. The content is tailored specifically for English teacher candidates, addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching language arts, including literature, writing, grammar, and communication skills.

The book also stresses the importance of ongoing learning and improvement in the teaching profession. It encourages teacher candidates to embrace lifelong learning, seek professional development opportunities, and continually refine their teaching skills to meet the evolving needs of their students and the educational landscape.

"Microteaching in EFL Teaching Programs" is a must-read for any English teacher candidate looking to excel in their microteaching sessions and become the best teacher they can be. With its practical advice, research-based strategies, and unwavering support, this book is an essential companion for anyone embarking on the rewarding journey of English teaching.

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