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Yudi Basuki | Muhamad Posyidin

Astried Damayanti | Dwi Putri Hartiningsari


@Televocabot (Telegram Vocabulary Robot): A Telegram Bot Based Vocabulary Learning Material for EFL in Digital Era is designed and developed by Yudi Basuki and Muhamad Posyidin, the lecturer and the student of English education Department of STKIP PGRI Trenggalek. @Televocabot is an interactive vocabulary learning source for college students of English. The requirement to access Televocabot is so simple, just by downloading Telegram application on smartphones. @Televocabot is very efficient, for it only consumes low memory space. The learning material is saved on the Televocabot server, so users need internet to access them. The size of each learning material is tiny. Thus, it won't need a lot of packet data/quota and high-speed internet access. @Televocabot covers some basic vocabulary materials which the newbies of English need them most. The first chapter of this book elaborates the manual for the users/readers of the book/bot. Then, for the rest of chapters you may find the materials about tips and trick of vocabulary learning, parts of speech, morphemes and their compositions, affixations, forming new words and verb phrase. It is also completed with a lot of on line exercises via Kahoot! and Google Form. Have this book and find new way of vocabulary learnings!

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